Experience Unparalleled Transformation

You're already an extraordinary leader who inspires others. You’re passionate about what you believe in, committing wholeheartedly to things that matter to you. You understand what it takes to strive for a goal and know how it feels when you get there. You’re a risk taker who has enjoyed some great successes, and brilliant failures, and understand that’s all part of the journey to success.

Despite all of your successes do you occasionally doubt yourself and wonder if you’re really good enough? Are you ever overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what you have to do or even a little intimidated to go after what you want? Do you sometimes feel that you’re not performing at the level you’re truly capable of and that you’re ‘settling’ for the (too) easy option? Or that you are already working so hard and your personal life is suffering and don’t want the balance to get any worse?

It's in these moments of doubt and challenge that 1:1 coaching becomes invaluable, offering the clarity and focus you need. Empowering you to uncover your own insights and solutions, our sessions are a partnership. Tailored to your unique transformative journey, we explore your aspirations and confront your challenges, making certain that each conversation advances you towards your goals.

I work with up to seven 1:1 clients each year for a minimum of five months to ensure each journey gets the attention and dedication it deserves. Find out more About Me and if you’d like to talk then get in touch with me at [email protected] 

My fees start at £6,275 for a five-month engagement.

What My Clients Say

“ I have been working with Kaley for over a year now, and when I started I was looking for a coach to:

1. Be a very experienced sounding board to help me unpick situations and help to form the best responses. 2. Help me to work through my professional challenges, allowing me to take the time that everyone should on themselves, and hold me accountable to that. 3. To help me make the decisions to build the culture, team and leadership that our business needed at our stage of growth, and into the future. 4. Be along for the ride of the ups and downs! And help me to see that as well.

Kaley's work, support, challenge and genuine care have proven to be invaluable across all of those and more. I could not be happier that we started working together when we did, and the value I, and we as the business, have seen has been massive.

What is different to a lot of coaches I have spoken with before is that I know Kaley has the experience to really understand the nuances of ‘the real world’ and how that affects a decision, communication style or way of handling a situation. It means that every time we meet I come away with actual actionable insights and actions that I can literally go away and do. Not theories or vague suggestions. It makes every time we speak not only cathartic but extremely useful.”

Alex Ellis, Managing Director

The more senior you get the lonelier it gets from a professional POV. The expectation is that you will always be awesome, infallible, and have the resilience of steel. The reality is somewhat different.

Kaley connects the dots for me. A lot of the things I have used in the past (books, podcasts, friends, colleagues) all have a place, but I've found Kaley’s presence and experience offer a positively challenging guiding hand to help join the dots and make space for an alternative thought process.

Si Mudell, Growth Director

“Working with Kaley has been a game-changer for me, right from the first meeting with her she was incredibly easy to open up to about any challenges I was experiencing. Before working with her I was in a situation where there was a huge amount going on at work and a number of large changes that were taking place. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and experiencing challenges such as; a lack of clear thinking, large workloads, being reactive rather than proactive, unhealthy work/life balance, etc. I had previously been a member of Vistage which whilst being valuable, wasn't providing me with the right level of detailed personal insight that my one-to-one sessions with Kaley do.

After our first meeting, I came away feeling lighter and really enthused about tackling my challenges. It's a great comfort knowing that there is someone I can chat things through in such depth that quite quickly helps me reflect, get to the route of the issue, and then work on solving it. I have a much healthier work/life balance, increased confidence, and generally feel more positive about my capabilities in the role that I undertake.”

Andrew Ash, Operations Director