10 Underestimated Triggers of Leadership Doubt

And How To Combat Them


Leadership doubts can strike at unexpected times. Yet some of the triggers may be more common than you think. Here are 10 underestimated factors that sow seeds of doubt, along with actionable strategies you can equip yourself with to confidently face them head-on.

1. Negative Feedback Loops:

Trigger: Continuous feedback without recognition of successes.

Action: Create a balanced feedback system. While it's crucial to address areas of improvement, equally important is celebrating wins to motivate and reassure your team.

2. The Isolation of Leadership:

Trigger: Feeling alone at the top.

Action: Establish peer mentorship and networking. Engage in forums or group discussions where leaders can share experiences, challenges, and insights. For those seeking tailored guidance, consider professional coaching to navigate specific challenges.

3. Rapid Organisational Changes:

Trigger: Abrupt shifts in company direction or culture.

Action: Stay adaptable and remain grounded. Invest time in understanding the reasons behind changes, and ensure you communicate these shifts transparently to your team, alleviating concerns.

4. Unresolved Personal Challenges:

Trigger: Personal stresses spilling into professional life.

Action: Strive for a genuine work-life balance. It's essential to recognise when personal challenges need professional intervention; coaching, therapy or counselling (depending on the challenge) can provide tools for better management.

5. Overextending Commitments:

Trigger: Saying 'yes' too often.

Action: Embrace delegation and boundary-setting. Trust your team with tasks and remember that sometimes, saying 'no' can be the best decision for everyone involved.

6. Being Surpassed by a Peer:

Trigger: A colleague's rapid ascent.

Action: View these moments as inspiration, not setbacks. Concentrate on your personal leadership journey, setting new milestones and seeking continuous growth.

7. A Disconnected Team:

Trigger: Feeling distanced from your team's daily workings.

Action: Prioritise regular check-ins and involvement. It's not just about staying updated, seek to foster a culture where team members feel heard and valued.

8. Lack of Skill Development:

Trigger: Feeling outdated in a fast-evolving world.

Action: Dedicate time to continuous learning. The world evolves rapidly; attending workshops, courses, and seminars keeps you in tune with industry shifts and innovations.

9. Decision Fatigue:

Trigger: Exhaustion from constant decision-making.

Action: Employ decision-making frameworks to simplify processes. When feeling overwhelmed, take a step back, recharge, and approach decisions with a refreshed mind.

10. Mismatched Company Values:

Trigger: Feeling out of sync with organisational values.

Action: Reflect on your personal values and assess how they align with the company's. Open up conversations with trusted colleagues or mentors for perspective. If you consistently feel out of step with the organisation's values, evaluate your long-term fit and consider what environment would best support your leadership style and principles.


Triggers of leadership doubt are everywhere, but they don't have to dictate your leadership journey. Armed with awareness and actionable strategies, you can transform these challenges into stepping stones. Remember, doubt doesn't define your leadership; your response to it does. Embrace these insights, strengthen your resolve, and chart a leadership journey marked by resilience and purpose.

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